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Consider joining and downloading this app, which sends out ICE alerts.

Border Patrol Nation by Todd Miller

Migra! A History of the US Border Patrol by Kelly Lytle Hernandez

Visualizing the U.S.–Mexico Border

I Went Undercover with a Militia and the US-Mexico Border. Here’s What I Saw

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Migra Map: Crowdsourced map of ICE raids

Fight Trump: Stop Deportations By Any Means by George Ciccariello-Maher

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DACA Guide by Immigrant Resource Legal Center

NYCLU statement on IDNYC
Similar municipal ID programs exist in D.C., New Haven, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland and Phoenix.

Churches Offer Sanctuary to Immigrants in Danger of Deportations
Goes over legality—and lack thereof—of sanctuary spaces

The Deportation Machine Obama Built

Diaspora and Transnational Trauma